INDIA Full Form: What is the meaning of INDIA?

INDIA Full Form: What is the meaning of INDIA?

When it comes to finding the full form of INDIA, people often get confused.
The first question that comes to the mind of the people is – Is there any full
form of India? When information about various forms of India is found on the
Internet, things get even more messed up.

Full Form of INDIA

In this article, we are discussing about the topic ‘India Full Form’ and
making sure to clear all doubts about it. Let’s understand this:

What is the full form of INDIA?

INDIA is not an acronym or a short form and therefore has no specific full
form. Instead, INDIA is one of the most popular countries in South Asia. It is
also known as the most populous democracy in the world. This is because INDIA
is the second-largest country in the world based on the overall population.
Also, it is the seventh-largest country in terms of geographical area.

Even though INDIA is not an abbreviation, people have created various
interesting full forms of the word. One of the most popular full forms of
INDIA is the ‘Independent Nation Declared In August‘.

The full form of INDIA can be segregated as below:

I Independent
N Nation
D Declared
I In
A August

Let us discuss other forms of INDIA that various people have created and are
constantly using.

Other Forms of INDIA

As discussed above, India has no definite full form, but people usually
express it as ‘Independent Nation Declared In August’. It is only a
fictionalized full form and people have created some other forms of INDIA in a
similar way. Other most popular complete form of India is represented below:

I Independent
N National
D Democratic
I Intelligent
A Area

This is another imaginary form of India.

A Brief History of INDIA

The name ‘INDIA’ is originated from an ancient word ‘Indus’, which was derived
from the Old Persian word ‘Hindu’, from Sanskrit Sindhu. The word ‘Indus’
first came into existence in reference to the world’s oldest civilization,
called Indus valley civilization. Besides, the Indus was the name of a river
that oriented major parts from Pakistan.

The Greeks referred to the country on the other side of the Indus River
(Sindhu River) as Indoi. It was later abbreviated as
India. Parisians referred to the term Sindhu as Hindu because they used ‘H’
instead of ‘S’. Therefore, they referred to the Indus as Hindus, which was
later changed to ‘Hindustan‘. In olden times, India was also called ‘Aryavrata’. Bharat is another name
for India.

Interesting Facts about INDIA

There are many interesting facts about INDIA, making this country popular
worldwide. Some of the most interesting and essential facts are listed below:

Taj Mahal, one of the seventh wonders of the world (2000-2007), is
located in India.

Chess was invented in India.

Yoga originated mainly from India and has been in existence for 5,000

India was one of the richest countries by the time of British rule in
the early 17th century. Until 1896, India was the only source of diamonds in
the world.

India is known for having the largest number of post offices in the

The first university in the world, Nalanda Taxila, was established in
India around the 4th century. 

The world’s highest cricket ground is also present in India (Chail,
Himachal Pradesh). It was constructed in 1893 after leveling a hill. The
cricket pitch of ground is 2444 meters above sea level.


This article totally makes it clear that the word ‘India’ is not an
abbreviated form, and has no full form. People have created some imaginary
full forms of India to express their love for the country.

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